МБФ «Архангел Світла» учасник
МБФ «Архангел Світла» учасник

Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine «ZGARD»

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Special unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine «ZGARD»

Special unit «ZGARD» — brave volunteers who conduct special operations to protect and liberate Ukrainian lands from russian invaders.

The unit was created in the first days of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It consists of many defenders who have participated in combat missions to protect the East of Ukraine since 2014.

During the war of aggression of russia on the territory of our Motherland, the fighters of the Special Forces «ZGARD» took an active part in the defense of Kyiv and Kyiv region. Also, the Ukrainian defenders were the first to visit Zmiinyi Island (also known as Snake/Serpent Island) after its liberation, where they installed a Ukrainian flag with the inscription «Remember «russian warship» Zmiinyi Island is Ukraine!!!».

The unit is currently working in the south of Ukraine.

As of today, the special unit is in dire need of assistance::

  • Drones «DJI Mavic» 3-4 pcs + spare batteries: 650 000 UAH
  • Drones «Autel Enterprise» 4 pcs + spare batteries: 360 000 UAH
  • Pickup trucks 4/4 4 pcs: 1 000 000 UAH
  • Nothing vision devices 4 pcs: 247 500 UAH


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With respect and best wishes, International Charitable Foundation «ARCHANGEL OF LIGHT»



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